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From: "Jonathan White" <zzalsjfw@f...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:24:06 +0100
Subject: Re: [OT] BFG AAR

On 30 Mar 99, at 10:18, wrote:
> Given that I'll agree that the figs are well worth $5+ apiece,
> the rest of the box contents are acceptable for the $20 remaining.
WE have to pay £40, which is what $60. :(.
> Now, I'll be trying Gothic Thrust soon, and hope to be helping
> with the polishing on that noble effort.
Let me know what you get something. I played my first game of BFG last
Some of it is a little table heavy - the battery fire is a little too 
complicated IMO - but it's generally a nice system, which is places is 
startlingly similar to Another Game We Know Well. We are going to pinch
scenario system for our FT games and the campaign system possibly too.

> After all, inspite of a long and noble tradition in Nappy Age
> of Sail games, I STILL really hate range guess-timation, and as
> a loyal Imperial commander, I need the Nova!
You don't have copyright over the name 'Nova Cannon' do you Jon? There
one in FT I think. 
> Er, Mark, you ARE working on an alternate for the Nova, please?
Bah. I had two shots with an NC last night and both missed wildly.
life. I like their 'dumb' torp rules. No real guidance involved but it
does encourage a torp equipped ship to get behind an enemy. We did
about fighters though, they seemed far too easy to kill.

"Did you have a good world when you died? Good enough to base a movie
    - The Doors
Jonathan White, COS group, Manchester University

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