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Re: [FT]Variable Fire Arcs...

From: Donald Hosford <hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 19:29:47 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT]Variable Fire Arcs...

Binhan Lin wrote:

> Then again it's not physically impossible to have more than
> two 360 degree turrets in a pseudo-2D world, you just
> stack them on top of each other.  You end up with a ship
> that looks like a pile of checkers, but each would be able
> to fire all around, but only the end two would get to fire
> directly up or down.

It could make an interesting looking fleet.

> Even if a pile of checkers is not to your aesthetic liking, just
> look at modern tanks which can have two 360 degree weapons
> -a main gun and a commander's cupola.  In space, you get
> to use the entire bottom side of the ship for twice the number
> of turrets.
> --Binhan

I always wondered why "starblazers" ships didn't make any use of the
of the ship.  (except for a bridge).

Donald Hosford

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