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Re: [FT]Ship Names of WWI Austro-Hungary (Long)

From: devans@u...
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 06:45:10 -0600
Subject: Re: [FT]Ship Names of WWI Austro-Hungary (Long)

> also showed up in the second war. The heavy cruiser, almost
> pocket BB, that accompanied Bismark on it's dash for open waters
> was named Prinz Eugen.
     The Prinz Eugan was a heavy cruiser, the 'pocket battleships'
should be referred to as Armored Cruisers (Panzerschiff).   JTL

As I had already identified Prinz Eugen as an HC, I will assume
that you are challenging my characterization of it as particularly
well protected and armed. Once again, I bow to obvious better

No need to burden the list with amplification. I'll start digging
in my books.

However, from translations of Breyer's works, I thought Panzershiff
was used for battleships, after WWI where they seemed to have been
called Linieschiff, and Panzerkruezer for armored/battlecruisers.
Of course, assume ANY German I've attempted to spell to have been

Wie w
är's denn mit (How about): "Der Eiserne Herzog"?
(BTW, the "?" is just for show...)

Danke! Now, if I wanted to have an unofficial title for my little
NSL fleet of The Iron Duke Fleet/Squadron/Whatever as a tip of the
hat to their NAC allies, would that be Der Eiserne Herzog Flotte?
Umlats being tricky both for my machine AND the list, of course. ;->=

I have some Evil Empire(tm) Chaos decals, Iron Warriors?, that I
want to put on the bows of my very grey ships that I think will
tie in nicely.

Who had both a longer, more complete list AND seemed to have avoided
Swiftly digging out my reprint of the 1919 Jane's Fighting Ships....

Ok. I give up. Just when I thought I was making a contribution to the
list... ;->=

Well, I thought my copy was leading me astray. I'll look more closely
to see how missed the ships you've added.

Concerning the multi-lingual glossary, the type in the book has been
giving our OCR software fits. Either further scans, or brute typing
will be necessary, though I don't doubt Alan will beat me to the
punch here. *heh heh*


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