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Re: Schoon's KV Playtest Designs

From: John Leary <john_t_leary@p...>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:36:32 -0800
Subject: Re: Schoon's KV Playtest Designs

Robertson, Brendan wrote:
> KV fighters ignore screens!  (MT pg 26).
> This makes them more efficient than human attack fighters when
> screen-2 ships.  I certainly don't want to meet KV heavy attack
> as they would have an average damage of 6 pts/turn for 6 turns (36
> points) [ignoring casualties] against any human ship, which is better
> than torpedo fighters (10.5 pts)
     If your PDS people are that bad, you deserve what you are about to 
     I am certain the Kra'Vak high command really does not care about
problems of the humans when they are trying to kill each other, and 
likewise the humans about the Kra"Vak when they try to kill each other. 
     But the truth of the matter is that the 'K' no longer have the 
armor/screen effect from the MT rules either.	This reduction should 
be enough of a change to warrent the retention of the 'K' fighters 'as
is', at least until some playtesting has been completed.  JTL

Silly argument to demonstrate that the 'K' are now inferior:
     The largest ship on the 'K' site hitting with 4 type three RG and 
doing triple damage (the maximum) will do 36 points of damage. 
This is not enough to destroy the largest human ships in a single turn.
The smallest human scout hitting with a single type one beam can 
destroy the largest Kra'Vak ship in a single turn of fire. (However
remote the possibility, it could be done.)  Yet another crisis to deal
> KV standard fighter is a Heavy fighter but costs the same as a human
> standard fighter. The interpretation	also allows you to build the
> advanced fighter types on top of the KV standard (H).
     Yes, on page 26 of the MT book, these are the stated rules for the 
Kra'Vak fighters.  
     The problem seems to stem from the doubling of the endurance stat
not from the fighters themselves.   JTL

Bye for now,
John L.

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