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Re: Dice Impacts for DS2 [Was: FMA Enhancement for DS2]

From: "Daulton James Whitehead III" <djwj@e...>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:13:47 -0700
Subject: Re: Dice Impacts for DS2 [Was: FMA Enhancement for DS2]

Okay I said I'd re-compile the DS2 Dice Impact rules. I have modified it
based on some of the comments from Jon.
DIRTSIDE II Dice For Chits Damage Resolution

Fire Procedure:
 Roll Firecon or Guidance die and Quality die against target's signature
  If both dice come up 1 then the attacker suffers from a systems down
  If neither of the attacker's dice exceed the defender's then the
  If one die exceeds the target's die then it is a minor hit
  If both dice exceed then it is a major hit.

Damage Procedure:
 Roll an impact die for the appropriate number of valid chits*:
 Green only: D4 (25%)
 Yellow only: D4 (25%)
 Red only : D6 (50%)
 Red and Green: D8 (75%)
 Red and Yellow: D8 (75%)
 All: D10 (100%)

*Percentages can be found "in" the DS2 rules from simply by counting the
damage chits, and the die types are the crux of this modification

The following weapon tables are provided for your convience:
(This is the table on DS2 page 29 modified for dice)
    Close Range: D6
	Vs. Abalative: D4
	Vs. Infantry: D4
    Close Range: D8
    Medium Range: D6
    Long Range: D4
	Vs. Infantry: D4
    Close Range: D10
    Medium Range: D8
    Long Range: D6
	Vs. Infantry: (MDC Only) D4
DFFG (This has modifications for simplicity of play)
    Close Range: D20
    Medium Range: D10
    Long Range: D6
	Vs. Infantry: D6
    Any Range: D8
    Vs. Reactive: D6
    Vs. Infantry (SLAM only):D4
    Vs. APFC (IAVR only): D4
Artillery HEF
    Vs. Infantry: D8
	If "Dug In": D6
    Vs. Armor: D4
	If "Dug In": Ineffective
Artillery MAK
    Vs. Infantry: D4
	If "Dug In": Ineffective
    Vs. Armor: D8
	If "Dug In": D6

Multiply the number rolled by the class of weapon (or other appropriate
if this exceeds the defenders armor level x 3 then damage has been done
 If the hit was a minor hit, the vehicle is damaged.
 If the hit was a major hit, the vehicle is destroied.
If the roll was a tie then a major hit will damage the defending
a minor hit is ignored.

If the attacker naturally rolled the same number as the defending
armor level
(Before the x3 modifier) then a critical hit was scored. Roll on the
below and apply
the effect IN ADDITION TO the damage rolled (If there is nothing left to
have a critical then
obviously don't bother):

CRITICAL HITS 1D20 (The only new table here)
1-2 no additional effect
3-10 Mobility hit
11-15 Systems Down
16-20 BOOM

Infantry attacks are handled as normal using the appropriate dice as
Infantry never
suffer from critical hits. All other damages can be determined by the
refrence at the top.
It's a h--l of a lot shorter when I don't explain what I'm doing. There
reallly isn't anything here that isn't in the DS2 rulebook with two
exceptions: [1] the use of quality dice to get major and minor hits.
the Minor hit almost no vehicle would ever be just "damaged". [2] the
use of
a critical hit table, necessary since I don't have any dice with "M"
"BOOM" on them.

There is one major modification from the "accepted" rules, and that is
roll ONE die and multiply by the weapon's class. I haven't really heard
feedback on using the static armor number so I kept that as it
damage resolution. I would suggest that those that use this system
their armor with two numbers the first is the normal DS2 armor, the
the static armor number like :3/9.

I don't think that this is that much harder then the Chit-Draw system,
although I have no problems with the "Chit Draw System", the chits do
very well when knocked off a table.

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