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Savasku (Was space cows))

From: "Denny Graver" <cyberdruss@c...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:04:09 -0000
Subject: Savasku (Was space cows))

>>views of the SV - I can see 'swarms' of SV warping into a systems to
>I don't see the actual SV ships as creatures requiring feeding like a
>swarm of space cows.
>My view of the SV is as master genetic bio-engineers
>the ships are just large biots that don't require feeding as such.

Space cows, eh... perhaps my wording suggested that image.  Perhaps
is a better word.  This could mean for food, raw materials etc, a
invasion,drones boarding  for new genetical material, etc

>probably contain the bio-engineered equivalent of a warp core or fusion
>reactor to provide energy. The screwyness of these systems is what
>us the SV energy generation profile seen in MT.

All dependent on what PSB you use ;]

Does anyone out there play SV straight from MT - any comments on how
play(apart from PF die rolling gripes, how often do they beat a human or
force ?

And has anyone costed MT SV for use FB style ?	I'm working on a UOSV FB
will post when finished.


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