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Re: Con Today (After Con)

From: Jim Bell & Christine Hartig <jnbell@i...>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 01:55:18 -0500
Subject: Re: Con Today (After Con)

Jon Davis wrote:
> Dean Gundberg wrote:
> > Those of us who can not make it to GZG-ECC II wish you lots of fun
> > multiple re-rolls of 6's.  Take some pics so we can see what we
> Thanks, Dean.  I brought my Kodak DC210 and was busy throughout the
> weekend taking photos of all the events, participants, and figures.
> At last count, I had about 125 photos for the weekend.  I'll do some
> editting and photo cleanup this weekend and get them posted on the
> GZG-ECC II web page.
> The Shadow Omega is nice...  And the long line of "loyal" Earth
> ships is intimidating from "Severed Dreams."
> Jon

Jon, must have heard you Dean, my Battlecruiser paid the price for those
re-rolls Friday night. In the BC duel Jon managed to do 22 points of
beam battery damage to the Basilisk with an 18 die attack (I even had
one operational screen when he fired). My BC expanded in a debris field
as this was the exact amount of damage required to destroy the ship,
though Jon was also destroyed that same turn by fire from other nearby
BC's. It was a good fight, and I had a great time in Jon's duel.

Also for the record, Indy was in command of two Narn missile frigates in
my scenario "Kill the Bin'Tak" Saturday night. We all know Indy's record
when firing Pulse Torpedo's, well as a Narn firing Ion Torpedo's he must
have had a telepathic link to War Leader W'Kan. Indy fired 16 Ion torps
and hit with 10. Therefore, I think the 'Indy curse' is not related
directly to torpedo weapons, only pulse torpedos.

While playing in Indy's Starfleet Wars background scenario Sunday
morning, I proved one thing for myself. I need to shoot larger missile
salvos if I want to cause any damage to enemy ships. My Entomalian
cruiser fired both of it's salvo missiles in one turn which resulted in
attacks on both a Aquarian cruiser and battlecruiser. The Aquarian ships
received no damage from the attacks, as the single missile fired at both
ships was destroyed by the PDS.


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