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Re: NI/NAC AAR & Stealth

From: John Leary <john_t_leary@p...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 18:39:20 -0800
Subject: Re: NI/NAC AAR & Stealth

-MWS- wrote:
> Well - naturally, since I'm agreeing with you . . .
> [grinning and running *very fast* from thrown bricks]
That is not why I made the comment.
I was considering that your verbage and phraseing woild be more 
effective in communicating the point that is once again clarified in
the following example about FCS.   JTL
> Seriously, though, if all you do is use Noam's "stealthtech" as a pure
> mechanic, it works.  After all, any rule can be introduced without
> justification if it creates a mechanism that you can enjoy using in a
> The problem comes when you try and logically justify the steathtech
with any
> sort of PSB, given the Tufflyverse mechanisms.  Noam's stealthtech
fails the
> logic test in the following manner - and I really should have used
> example in my previous post.
I have deleted the example in favor of my oun PSB to justify Noams
(What I call a new weapon.)   And since I am on my ...more than first
drink ... and not fit to drive tonight.   I may ramble...excessively!
     Oh ya! The PSB.
     In the year (Pick a number) on the planet (Pick a planet) 
researchers working of the fuel efficient interplanetary drive 
developed a working (Have you ever read of the Bussard Ramjet)
free hydrogen scoop drive.   The drive expelled the accumulated
hydrogen to provide thrust for the SLD (Sub light Drive).   
However the drive did not produce the desired amount of thrust and
was abandoned.	 
     Engineers working on shield and beam enhancement weaponry and 
some point did notice that the drive did produce 'waves' of localized
free hydrogen in the space after expulsion from the drive. 
     Dr. (deleted for security reasons) of the Research Institute
of Harmony (in the FCT) found the waves created localized areas
of high density hydrogen atoms that would act as if a beam weapon
was passing thru a low density atmosphere and degrade the performance 
of the beam weapon by	(pick a percent) .

PSB contimues...

     Are holes present in the PSB, Yes!  Are they as objectionable
as: My (passive) 'stealth' actively degrades your weapons performance.
In my personal opinion no.   While a certain degree of 'suspension of 
belief' is necessary to accept my little story, I do not feel that the 
reach is as far as 'my passive construction degrades your weapons

At this point the keys keep moving and the on line time is getting to 
long and I really don't know or care where this is going.

Bye for now.

John L>

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> Mark "Hauptmann" Shurtleff

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