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Re: Rules for BFG/FT Conversion.

From: "Mark A. Siefert" <cthulhu@c...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 18:50:20 -0600
Subject: Re: Rules for BFG/FT Conversion.

John C wrote:

> I like the Holofield--simplicity is a good thing.  Shouldn't the point
> cost be less, though?  It's not as efficent or useful as a normal
> 2.

	OK, that makes sense.  How about the points cost is 2x Mass
instead of
3x Mass?
> Have you considered using MT missiles for torps?  And perhaps using
> EFSB "Heavy Beam Weapon" for the Lances?  I don't know about the
> mechanics, but the HBW certainly fits my idea of an energy lance.

	Well, In BFG, torps fire in salvos.  So the SBM are the safest

	I'm going to have to thin about the lance rules althogether. 
Chaos lances have the same amount of firepower and Imp lances, Chaos
lances have a longer range.
> I'm not sure how to make it less lethal to the rammer--half damage if
> the ship has a prow ram, perhaps?  I don't have the rules in front of
> me, and I'm not sure how they work as is.

	I'm going to be using the FB construction rules for this, so
maybe we
can do this.  When determining damage, the attacker and defender modify
their damage rolls depending on the hull strengths of their repective

	Hull:		Modifer:
	---		-------
	Fragile 	-2
	Weak		-1
	Average 	no modifer
	Strong		+1
	Super		+2

	Let's say an Imperial cruiser with 20 points and a strong hull
and 20
DP remaining rams an Eldar ship with a weak hull and 10 DP remaining. 
The Imperial players roll a 3 and gets to add 1 for his strong hull. 
The Eldar player on the other hand ends up with a 2, but it's knocked
down to a 1 due to his weak hull.  The result is that the Eldar player
takes 60 points of damge and the Imperial takes 10 DP.	(OK Elf-boy... 
Smack!	Who's yo daddy!  SMACK!  WHO'S YO DADDY!!!)
Mark A. Siefert

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