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Re: DSII - Air Defence Levels.

From: "Andrew & Alex" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 13:37:11 +1300
Subject: Re: DSII - Air Defence Levels.

John M. Atkinson <> wrote:
>Here's where I wish to respectfully differ on what it is that the DSII
>table represents.  To me, you are assuming the TF commander role.
    I think that is what a DSII player is! I think that it is even
in the DSII rule book that the player is far behind his own lines
looking at
a sensor display that happens to look a lot like the table top.
    When the players designs their forces with their assigned point
value, I
think that further emphasizes that the player is the overall task force
commander, and it's up the player to determine exactly what points go to
armour, infantry, artillery, VTOL, FAC & FO, aerospace and

>In other words, if it's echelons above what
>he would control, then he shouldn't do so on the DSII table.
    Have the supporting forces off table. Like the artillery, aerospace,
now air defence using my rules. That way it's more directly out of
of the on table commanders.

>can be allocated to direct support of his formation or general support
>of his parent formation, and air strikes are allocated to him by higher
>and controlled by his FACs, and both directly shape his fight, so they
>are appropriate.
    But so can air defence by constraining air power! VTOLs not being
to fly in high mode and aerospace having to dodge missiles are both
problems due to enemy air defence assets. So degrading your air attacks!

>Besides, the complexity of air warfare cannot be adequately simulated
>a simple intercept-counter-intercept formula as seen in the three or
>four different air intercept house rules I've seen.
    From what I've read in my Air Missions book, most air warfare is
quite simple, just fire missiles from long range. If there is any
finish them off with gun/cannon fire at close range from behind. If
getting into dogfights, then you're probably making mistakes. The only
addition I would probably make is to allow a multi-attack, a missile
followed by a gun/cannon attack in the same turn.
    In my rules, there is intercept, counter-intercept and counter-
counter-intercept and so on. There is also romantic combat for aerospace
fights, if you feel that it's appropriate, and you've made the mistake
getting into a dog fight. :-)

Andrew Martin
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