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Re: Rules for BFG/FT Conversion.

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 09:25:29 PST
Subject: Re: Rules for BFG/FT Conversion.

>Hello All:
>	In the spirit of Battlefleet Gothic, I am working on my own set
>WH40K/FT 2.5 rules.  So far, I've got just about everything worked out,
>except ramming.  I want to find a way to:  A. Make ramming easier.  B.
>Make ramming potentially less disastrous for the rammer.  Any ideas?
>	BTW, I've got my current draft of these BFG/FT rules up on my
site.  I
>haven't placed a normal link on the UFTWWWP yet.  But the URL for the
>rules are:
>	Please, let me know what you think.  If you see a bunch of funny
>letters in the contents box, don't worry.  I'm using a WH40K symbol 
>until I can get a decent graphics editor to make proper buttons.  I'm
>especially interested in what you think of the Eldar rules 
>and solar sales).
>Mark A. Siefert

I like the Holofield--simplicity is a good thing.  Shouldn't the point 
cost be less, though?  It's not as efficent or useful as a normal Screen


The sail rules could be interesting...I can see putting a "sun" in the 
center of the board (it wouldn't have to be absurdly large--planets that

I have seen on FT boards haven't been at all to scale either) with the 
wind radiating out from the sun.  It would be a bit complex, but it 
would make for an interesting game.

Have you considered using MT missiles for torps?  And perhaps using the 
EFSB "Heavy Beam Weapon" for the Lances?  I don't know about the 
mechanics, but the HBW certainly fits my idea of an energy lance.

As for ramming, how about this: During the fire phase, a ship may 
announce an attempt to ram an opponent.  The target ship must be within 
the attacker's front arc, and be no more than [The Attacker's Thrust 
rating] inches away.  When the ram attempt is announced, each player 
must roll 1d6 for each thrust point that their ship has.

If the attacker rolls higher, the ram is successful--on the next 
movement phase, move the target ship as normal and then move the 
attacker into contact with it in lieu of a normal move.

If the defender wins, movement orderw will be written and executed as as


I'm not sure how to make it less lethal to the rammer--half damage if 
the ship has a prow ram, perhaps?  I don't have the rules in front of 
me, and I'm not sure how they work as is.

John Crimmins

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