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Re: Encyclopedia Test Pages

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:40:11 -0500
Subject: Re: Encyclopedia Test Pages

>That being said, I've got a 'suggestion' up for pages, and page format.
>I'm from the minimalist school of page design.

Looks good!

>As for consistency; I think we should realize that absolute consistency
>impossible, since everybody will have different ideas of what the
>should be like.  I like the idea of making sure that Tuffley's canon be
>separated out from the rest of our ideas, so people know 'this is a fan
>and 'this is what the sourcebooks say'.

Perhaps change text color to indicate this?

>Project Management/Process Ideas:  Get an Editor.  Editor designs an
>with input from the list.  (Not sent to the list, but sent to the

Grabbing an encyclopedia volume (Grolier's Academic American) and
looking up
England, we see these paragraphs, with "links" mentioned in that
I. General description, covering location, area, population, capital,
derivation of the name.(UK, London)
II. Land
   A. Landforms (Pennines, Lake District)
   B. Climate
   C. Rivers and vegetation (Severn, Thames, Trent)
III. People
   A. Ethnicity
   B. Population distribution--urban vs. rural
   C. Language and religion
IV. Economic activities
   A. Natural resources and industry (five industrial areas)
   B. Agriculture
   C. Transportation including ports (Liverpool, Hull, Bristol)
V. Government and History
   A.  Division into counties
   B.  History (Wessex)
   C. Effect of geography on history

Thirteen paragraphs in all.

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