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EG Appearence

From: "Jeremy Sadler" <jsadler@e...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 03:22:33 +1100
Subject: EG Appearence

I just realised there's been a few postings about the EG appearence.

I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but let's face it - no one
really going to read all of this stuff online. They'll either grab it
read it offline, or print it.

So I believe we should stick to the basics, for the following reasons:

1. New (and prospective) players - don't get fazed by tricky effects,
colours etc especially if they're not as web experienced.
2. Printability. White text on a black background, if anyone has printed
comes out with a blank page (unless you've got "print backgrounds"
on). Dark text on a light background works best.
3. Readability. Same reasons as above.

So my opinion: white (or light coloured) background, black (or very
text, blue links, normal (web) link breaks (or we can get inventive with
non-break spaces) and a bright, easily recognisable logo.

Also.. and this pains me.. the whole thing is going to have to be
and searchable, with the base of browsers thought about.

Jeremy Sadler -
Unofficial Stargrunt II Web Site

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