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Re: [IFWG] Timeline update

From: "jim clem" <travmind@h...>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 06:04:16 PST
Subject: Re: [IFWG] Timeline update

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Subject: Re: [IFWG] Timeline update
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jim clem wrote:
> I need to speak to the Great Seer of Stellar Sites myself.  I've 
> the NCS to hold three systems as of 2183.

	Just submit your order and I'll see what I can do.
	I appologise for not getting more done over the
	week-end, I was at the Battlefleet Gothic demo.

	I need to know any limitations you have on location,
	basically what other nations are the NCS near?

	I'm going to have to increase the radius of "Known Space"
	past 10 parsecs, I've run out of good stars to assign.
Thanks!  The NCS sits out past the NAC territory, but not quite on the 
fringe of the Kra'Vak (though I'm sure the Kra'Vak will fix that soon). 

The NCS has one G class system, witha  garden world, Dixie.  The other 
two are probably M class, though the NCS is actively seeking new systems

to colonize.  

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