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Offside fire arcs was Re: NI/NAC AAR

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:16:07 -0500
Subject: Offside fire arcs was Re: NI/NAC AAR

>> >As for lopsided firing arcs, this is certainly a plausible
>> >design if you take the FB roll-ship maneuver into account. If you
>> >force is trying to blind side you, you can flip and blastem.
>> Doesn't work if you get doubled though.

Oerjan said:
>If you misjudge where the enemy is going to end up, you're out of luck
>anyway. The off-set arc designs are more vulnerable to that than
>weapons-all-around a la the NSL, but OTOH the off-set arcs ships hit a
>lot harder when they can fire :-/ If you use Noam's tactics of
>circling, there's no real way for the enemy to blind-side you.

Comparing the "normal" FP/F/FS and, say, AP/FP/F ( the usual IF
configuration), then instead of trying to catch him in your F arc, you
to keep him in your FP arc.  No real difference there.	Two points that
 a) you don't have to be going head on to your target to keep him in
arc--this way you can do the "circle at optimum range" maneuver.  I
came up with this idea when I read someone's description of battles as
on to close, then a turning contest between the big ships."  I figure if
you're going to be turning, have some side coverage; and
b) Given the FP/F/FS arc, when you roll, your coverage is...FP/F/FS.  If
want something else, you have to change facing.  With offset arc,
changes AP/FP/F to AS/FS/F, another 120 degrees of coverage without
facing.   You have to know when to roll, of course, but hey, if it was
we could use GW players for captains, eh?

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