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Re: the Great game [Crossover Warning]

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:52:59 PST
Subject: Re: the Great game [Crossover Warning]

>> >Crossover Warning: 
>> >Bavarians = Shadows
>John C:
>> The Shadows, my dear fellow, were mere pikers.  Remember Justin?  
>> nice old fellow on Z'ha'dum?  He'd be working with us.  The
>> methods are simliar to those of the Shadows, perhaps...but their 
>> ultimate goal is very different indeed.  The history that is 
>> posted on my page is purposely misleading (or at least, it is
>> the truth (or rather, *A* truth) will be posted sometime soon.
>That's too confusing for me. My philosphy in this case would be: "If
>it's too confusing, its obviously up to no good. Destroy it." Subtlety
>belongs in Art.

In this particular case, that's a very accurate philosophy.  Of course, 
you have to find them first.  

I've been rereading the Illuminatus trilogy for the fourth time, and 
it's left me with all kind of fun ideas.  I'm actually quite pleased 
with the new background that I've come up with.  It allows me to:

     A)Use all of my existing minis (2 fleets, 7 DSII armies, and 15 
different 25/28mm forces) while I accumulate and paint a dedicated 
Illuminati force.

     B)Justify any and all conflicts with any and everyone, using any 
combination of my miniatures.

     and C)Have a lot of fun along the way.  I've already decided that I

need to paint an appropriate Silent Death ship gold and call it the Leif

Erikson.  And if I can print out some nice little Dobbshead 
decals...well, the universe will never be the same again.  

John Crimmins

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