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[FT] IF vs NRE, short AAR.

From: "John M. Atkinson" <john.m.atkinson@e...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 00:56:01 -0500
Subject: [FT] IF vs NRE, short AAR.

1xCVE w/ 2xInterceptor squadrons

1 civilian tug
1 Emir CV (not quite the same as on my site, 80 Mass)
4 embarked fighter squadrons (3 Fast, 1 Attack)
1 Tulwar DDH
2 Turcoman CL

Started out 100 MU apart horizontally, IF started out a bit 'south' and
was on a converging course.  IF was on urgent mission (probably a raid
on a hostile Emir) and happened across a random patrol of NRE.

Ships closed for two turns, tug hung back.  NRE was in tight formation,
IF was spread out.  

Turn Three:  IF fired one missle salvo, which was shot down, and
unloaded everything else on the Frigate.  Boxcars on the two torpedos
meant they got two hits at the 5+ range bracket, which basically blew it
to hell.  Imperials tapped the Tulwar, but inflicted little damage.  One
systems check, which it passed with flying colors.

Turn Four:  NRE engaged two squadrons of fighters, shot down all of them
for a loss of two of their number.  2 salvos went for CVE, and did 24
points of damage, 2 and the other two squadrons went for CM2.  Missles
were all shot down, but fighters did 15 points of damage to Cruiser. 
Ouch.  Shot down three more fighters.  CM2 basically crippled by system
checks, CVE moderately damaged.  Exchange of fire finished off the
Tulwar, but two torps and some beams slammed into CM1, damaging it
badly.	At this point the two sides broke off, the IF claiming victory,
although the NRE points out that the IF's fighters suck, and that except
for the Frigate, all the ships will be back in service soon.

Lessons Learned:  Off-center firing arcs save cost.  Interceptors rock. 
And this Imperial squadron needs gunnery practice--it's torps and beams
couldn't hit to save their lives.  Indy, your spirit has infested my
dice.  I'm going to have to perform an exorcism.

John M. Atkinson

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