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[FT] Re: Anyone use FB ships? AND [OT] WTT: My SW Micromachine walkers, your fighter/ships

From: devans@u...
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:54:39 -0600
Subject: [FT] Re: Anyone use FB ships? AND [OT] WTT: My SW Micromachine walkers, your fighter/ships

***Why just buy minis for one fleet type?  ;-)	I opted to pick up minis
from all of the powers, thus I can at a moment's notice do
battle, or supply someone who does not have with some minis for a

I certainly don't suggest everyone needs to buy several fleets,
if they have a good group playing already, but an extra fleet or two is
vital if you are trying to drum up interest. I know I should get an FSE
fleet; given what I perceive as it's challenging tactical nature, I can
certain that my newbie opponents would have the pleasure of giving me an
almost guaranteed spankin'. ;->=

***Okay, okay, so if I had concentrated all on the NAC I'd have one HELL
a fleet of ships, but I like some of the other ships of the other
too. Call me eclectic.	:-)  It's also how I kinda sorta see the UN...


Now that I think about it, when I said my group used FB designs
exclusively, there was an occasion that had some homebrews. It was a
interdiction, but the fleets were NAC, FSE, and a small NSL contingent.
was supposed to have brought up my ESU's, but arrived late. The
were for a colony with certain 'strategic' resources that was arming
for a break-away attempt.

If we ever do a sequel, I decided that the ESU would have been the
power suppling arms for secret stockpiles of the resource, and showed up
the end of the previous battle, a small escort w/ transports carrying
stowed FT weopen/defense systems, ships intact, facing much larger, but
well-damaged opponents. ;->=


Now, for the somewhat OT part: I know that some folks running DSII like
using Star Wars MicroMachines walkers, in this case the smaller figs in
3-packs. I was wondering if anybody wanted to swap some of my walkers,
2 and 4 legged, for fighters and/or ships? I'd be looking especially for
the cigar-shaped Calamari, and rebel frigates, as well as TIE
and 'original' designs.

And, as always, I'm hunting Star Trek Jem' Hadar fighters.


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