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Re: Anyone use FB ships?

From: devans@u...
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:53:16 -0600
Subject: Re: Anyone use FB ships?

John, my group is still a bit moribund (yes, I'm STILL planning on doing
your ST designs); however, we used nothing but FB designs in our battles
far. It's the Evil Empire(tm) atmosphere at the otherwise charming game
store I frequent. ;->=

Our limited battles indicated the fleets worked pretty much as
and fairly balanced. You must remember, we're one of the few places
salvo missles have worked VERY well. As I hope to show in an
report, it does require your opponent to co-operate. I've come to the
conclusion that bad tactics depend on your opponent co-operating, good
tactics don't, and brilliant tactics trick/convince him into
(Br'er Rabbit squealed, 'Oh, no, don't come down the center')

Inspite of the nasty things said about them in the book, the ESU are a
balanced and strong fleet. I got into them somewhat by accident (most of
purchases have been in close out bins, and ESU always had a strong
there.) I was stupid with them against an FSE missle-heavy fleet, but
otherwise 'dey been bery bery good to me'.

FSE are very fast, and when very lucky with SML's, hard hitting.  They
can't soak up the damage others can, and if they aren't very skillful
missles, in a load of hurt.

NAC could well be the most balanced, but have had several cases of bad
here. ('Heh, heh, I'll go down the center cuz I KNOW he's spread those
in a wide arc in front of me.')

NSL haven't had as much a try-out here. They are 'dead hard', but I
if they have enough 360 degree firepower to make up for their relatively
slow/non-nimble ships. Others will have to speak.

I know this mirrors most of the comments others have made, but I wanted
say again that FB designs are getting work outs, and that I assume most
the home designs have occurred AFTER playing with book designs.


John Fu <> on 01/20/99 09:17:01 AM

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Hello there,

    I notice that a lot of the posters here use ships of their own
designs.  I was wondering if anyone actually uses the ships in the Fleet
Book.  If so, how well do they work as fleets?	I've been considering
purchasing a fleet and would like some opinions on the ships.

John Fu

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