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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 20:23:24 EST
Subject: UBW

I have reworked the info on the UBW:
Gawain System history:
	The Gawain system (colonized in 2140 by a NAC sponsored group)
is a
relatively wealthy system.  It has a gas giant that has a
center, two asteroid belts that are rich in minerals, and Gawain II, a
agricultural center.
	This system would have gone unnotested by historians if it was
not for the
Kra'Vak invasion.  This invasion sucked many of the police ships that
patrolled the outback area of the NAC this lead to pirates and other
raiding the system.  Apauled by the lack of NAC involvement and
to defend the colonies agents piracy Space Marshall Devin Marshall
his commission.  With the help of Gawainian companies raised a militia
defend the shipping and declared Gawain's independence in protest of the
lack of care for its citizens.
	NAC HQ soon found out about Gawain's independence and started a
blockade of
the system.  This prevented the agricultural exports and fuel exports
that had
helped other star systems in the region survive the "tax" that the NAC
imposed on the region.	In protest over the NACs blockade of the system
ships that had been unavailable to act in a policing manner but were
to blockade a wayward system and Gawains promise to trade with any
that supported it during its time of need.
	Three colonies responded to Gawain's call, only one of them was
NAC, the
colony of Trafalgar, the FSE colony of New Dumas and the ESU colony of
Kiev also responded there call fir help.  The four colonies that help
Gawain maintain its independence formalized their alliance on 30
December 2184
with the Gawain accords, the accords are also the constitution of the
Union of
Border Worlds.
	NAC and ESU have not formally accepted the independence of the
Union or
Border Worlds (also known as the Gawain alliance) but the FSE has it is
the only other major power that is trading with the UBW.  In the region
the UBW occupies there are no pirates, in fact sense the signing of the
accords two pirate bases have been destroyed.  There is talk among
star systems about joining the UBW after they have seen how much better
UBW cares for its people.  

Gawain system physical description:
	The Gawain system is based around a AIV4.  At six light minutes
there is a
rich asteroid belt that has an deep space mining base, based on one of
asteroids is a small ship yards that was constructed after the forming
of the
union.	It can produce ships up to 200,000 tons.
	The colony of Gawain is located 10 light minutes from the
primary.  The
planet has a advanced ecosystem, the most advanced life form is
one of the interesting things to note is that the DNA of the amphibians
matches the DNA of amphibians of three other planets.  The planet its
self has
40% of is surface covered by water, the temperature at the equator has
average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.  The colony of Gawain is
located in
the Northern Hemisphere, were the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. 
15,000 km diameter, 1 gee, planet is orbited by a habitable moon and a
orbital base.
	In the outer system is a gas giant that has 13 moons and 8
rings.	This gas
giant has a large fuel processing system.  At 22 light minutes is the
object in the Gawain system, an asteroid belt.	Various companies are
this belt.
Union or Border Worlds military:
	The UBW fleet is composed of ships from various nations.  The
flagship of the
fleet is the UBW Independence, an ex-ESU fleet carrier.  Ship ships
from the NSL and FSE governments, among others, though intermediaries

Union or Border Worlds Government:
	The government of the UBW is simple, there is a president, a
vice- president
and a parliament, which has members from all of the member systems, each
nation has a number of seats equal to its population divided by one
million.  Unlike most nations were officers of the state pledge an oath
to the
state the officers of the Union or Border Worlds pledges there
allegiance to
the people of the UBW.	

Any comments or questions would be apreshated.	Sorry for the long post.

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