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Re: [FTFB] Rules Clarification

From: John Leary <john_t_leary@p...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 15:40:41 -0800
Subject: Re: [FTFB] Rules Clarification

Sean Bayan Schoonmaker wrote:
> >Another question semi related to the above is how many fighters can
be in a
> >group?
> [snip]
> I would say that a group can have 1-6 fighters, six being the max for
> group.
> Schoon

     That depends on the meaning of the word 'group'.	A group is 
never a squadron.   A group is more than one squadron in the NAC, 
(if it follows RAF rules), normally three.   In USA terms (WWII),
a group is a collection of 'Wings' made up of three or more
     In navy terms, the 'Carrier Air Group' is the collection of
Squadrons assigned to the aircraft carrier.

     Just in case I have not understood the question;  A figure base
normally has 6 fighter miniatures mounted on it and is considered a
Squadron of 6 (or 12) fighters.   I mount a single figure per homemade
base and call it a Squadron.   For me, more than 1 Sq is a 'Carrier Air

I hope that makes things as clear as mud.


Bye for now,
John L.

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