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Re: [FT] Hardened Systems

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 23:28:29 +0000
Subject: Re: [FT] Hardened Systems

[snip ideas on hardened systems]
> Is the 50% increase about right or too much since 2 hardened systems
> and mass the same as 3 systems?  What do you think?

The Hardened System idea sounds fine, especially as it follows the rules
already established in the FB1 for Core Systems; I agree that +50%
about right (as a before-testing starting point, of course!), as it is
enough to prevent most players using it without serious consideration as
the cost-effectiveness. To avoid fractional Mass factors on odd-Mass
systems, I'd suggest always rounding UP the amount needed for hardening
the nearest whole number.

>  >>
>I have to say that that is a very good idea, what about having sections
of the
>ship that had there own armor and screens, along with hardining?

I'm much less happy about this idea - I think it would introduce FAR too
much complication for no real benefit in game terms. Some starship games
have individual protection levels for individual systems and/or ship
sections, but this starts getting into needing extra rolls for damage
location and all sorts of other complications that I really don't think
games need.

Jon (GZG)

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