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Re: [FT] SMLs, Type 3 & Tactics

From: DracSpy@a...
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 02:15:34 EST
Subject: Re: [FT] SMLs, Type 3 & Tactics

In a message dated 99-01-11 01:59:10 EST, you write:

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 >Most of the games that I play are small games (maybe 18 ships or so
 >but every now and then I want to (and can find someone) try out
 >(like the mega gun carrying ship, or a super carrier) and game that,
 Uhm, sorry - 18 ships a side is NOT a "small game".  A Cruiser and a
 Can per side is a small game.	1000 pts & 5 ships (BC,CH,CC,DD,DD) per
 qualifies - barely - as a small game.	No way in Hades does 18 ships
 side qualify for that category. :)
 Be that as it may, the whole point of FT is to have fun.  I'm glad that
 and your gaming partners can find fun in playing Death Star scenarios.
 Just don't expect most of the rest of us to buy into it <g> . . . >>

Well that game (the one with 18 ships) should have be clasifed as a
game.  There was also a super small game that I played as a small DD/CV
vs a
SDN from Full Thrust, that game was neet.  The small ship(me), it has
pulse torps, an A-batt, 2 B-batts, 4 PDAF, and 2 fighter groups, but
that is
another story...

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