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RE: [FTFB] "Needle" fighters?

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 11:49:58 +1100
Subject: RE: [FTFB] "Needle" fighters?

I wouldn't give them the attack fighter benefits as well as needle
How about an entirely new type of fighter, instead of rehashing old

Needle fighters attack ships using the needle beam rules & attack
fighters using the needle beams as their antifighter weapon (5-6 kills 1
fighter, no rerolls).  Cost it at 30 points/squadron (5 per ship).
Every fighter in the squadron must target the same system & each fighter
rolls needle beam vs that system.   Having only the one mode of fire
shouldn't unbalance play, as needle beam damage can be repaired (unlike
needle missiles).
Ace status only affects the squadrons dogfight capabilities.

Hmmm... I quite like this idea.

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Needle Beam Fighters
NB Fighters are a specialized form of Attack Fighters.	They have all of
normal benefits and drawbacks of Attack Fighters, but they can also be
used to
perform a special form of needle beam attack against a target ship.

When a NB Fighter group is used in NB mode, the attacking player must
the needle beam attack in Turn Sequence 6 (before any PDS is assigned).
fighters in the NB fighter group must be used for this attack, and only
system on the defending ship can be targetted.	After PDS is resolved,
three (3) fighters remaining in the NB fighter group allows the
player one (1) needle beam attack against the targetted system per the
FB needle beam rules.  If there are less than three fighters remaining
in the
group after the PDS is resolved, then the attack has no effect.
fighters in the group are not allowed to attack using the normal Attack
Fighter rules when a Needle Beam attack is being made.

Cost:  36 pts (6 per ship).
Feedback, please?

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