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Re: FTFB: Scenerio + Q?'s

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Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 18:18:52 -0600
Subject: Re: FTFB: Scenerio + Q?'s

Well, I'd assume things like Nova/Wave guns would be very high tech, and
argument could be made that a beam projector might be so large that it
could only be used in one fire arc. Can you say spinal mount?

Speciality fighters, even fighters at all (tip-o-hat to Starfire),
salvo-launch ordinance, and an introduction of the 'AA' battery
roll-for-failure for smaller beams are candidates for tech level
adjustments. I've never tried setting up a framework for such

I always considered Kra'vak to be a kind of tech level above human
Before FTII, armor always seemed to be material tech not within human
capabilities. However, my feeling was always that FT represented a
narrow 'band' of technology. Anything particularly advanced would be
considered FM to my commanders.

Anything less would be chemical boosters, stone knives, and bear


PS. Do I need to mention YMMV?

"John M. Atkinson" <> on 01/07/99 01:28:10 PM

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Charles Choukalos wrote:
> Has anyone drawn up tech levels of ships/equipment/hull for their

Note:  I'd think the tech differences would be less a matter of
unavailable equipment, but a matter of efficiency.  For instance, the
Made-By-Primitives Class 3s might be twice the mass, forcing them to
either build bigger hulls or accept fewer weapons.  Plus limits on
maximum mass, more fragile hulls, worse electronics, etc.

John M. Atkinson

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