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Re: [SG] - Turn Sequence Idea extended to DSII

From: "Andrew & Alex" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 12:43:02 +1300
Subject: Re: [SG] - Turn Sequence Idea extended to DSII

Jon (GZG) wrote:
>REACTION FIRE is when a character wishes to take an opportunity-fire
>at an opposing character that it in the middle of his/her activation.
>may only be performed by a character that has NOT yet been activated in
>this turn; it allows them to immediately take one fire action, using
>normal snap-fire rules, at the character who is currently being
>the firing character then has their marker flipped, and their
activation is
>counted as used up for that turn.
    REACTION FIRE translated to DSII is exactly the same as the standard
DSII interupt mechanism.

>OVERWATCH FIRE is similar to Reaction Fire, in that it allows an
>shot against a target that is currently being activated. However,
>Fire may ONLY be performed by a character who currently has a OVERWATCH
>marker, which must have been placed by the character as an action
>their last activation. The presence of an Overwatch marker allows the
>character to make one Fire Action using DOUBLED range bands for their
>weapon, just as if they had spent an AIM action prior to firing.
>Immediately after the shot, the Overwatch marker is removed - a fresh
>may be placed if desired in the character's next activation.
>Note: an OVERWATCH marker takes one action to place; it may NOT be
>on a character who has made a MOVE with their other action in that
    OVERWATCH FIRE in DSII can only be performed by direct fire units
units using indirect fire in direct fire mode eg artillery) that have a
OVERWATCH marker placed on them in a previous activation. The OVERWATCH
marker is placed instead of performing a combat action.
    Place the OVERWATCH marker in the firing arc that the unit is
overwatching. When an enemy unit MOVEs (not FIREs) in this arc, the
OVERWATCH unit can (note that it doesn't have to!) interrupt the move
fire at the enemy unit.
    The OVERWATCH unit fires with its normal fire control, even if it
had to
move to its current position in its previous action. This reflects
time to aim, and makes it easy on players rather than forcing players to
remember if the unit had moved, or moved more than half.
    After the firing is completed, the OVERWATCH marker is removed.
    OVERWATCH markers persist over game turns until they are used by
at any enemy unit, the unit moves or the OVERWATCH unit receives a UNDER
FIRE marker (reflecting the unit ducking for cover).
    Any thoughts, comments, OFFICIAL stamps of appoval?

Andrew Martin
The SGII conversion I leave as an exercise to the reader.
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