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[FT] FB Kra'Vak - A Simple View

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@n...>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 13:19:54 -0600
Subject: [FT] FB Kra'Vak - A Simple View

Lots of traffic on the K'V over this long weekend for me to catch up on.
like some of the new mechanics I saw but overall, nothing seemed to fit
view of the K'V.  One thing I don't think works is giving them more hull
boxes and then better armour to boot!  Couldn't their old style armor,
taking up some hull space, reflect their toughness?  They can take the
amount of damage, it is just tougher to cause that damage.  Also the
proposals are going too far away from the MT versions for my tastes. 
all the good ideas that were tossed around for additional races but
the K'V to FB standards is my opinion.	So how to do that?

Here is my version of the FB K'V, keeping it simple and similar the MT
version but updating it for the FB:

Hull integrity, same as humans. (I am not addressing their increased
ability in this post, though they should get it)

Level 1 armour 5% hull, Level 2 armor 10% of hull (reflects enhanced
toughness of K'V ships and their increased resistance to damage) Treat
equal levels of screens vs. beam weapons.
Cost is mass x 5?

Class 1 RG - mass 1 - 4" range bands, 20" max (2 arcs)
Class 2 RG - mass 2 - 6" range bands, 30" max (1 arc)
Class 3 RG - mass 4 - 8" range bands, 40" max (1 arc)
Cost is mass x 5
Hits at 2+ in closest range band, increased by 1 each band out
d6 for damage 1-3 is RG class (all to Human armour), 4-6 is RG class x2
to armour, 1/2 to hull).  When fired declared as regular fire or
K'V armor gives a -1 or -2 bonus to damage roll

Shotgun Fire Option - Roll to-hit as if 1 range band closer, damage is
to RG class, no chance for double damage.  All damage to Human armor
(Yup, will lead to automatic hits at closest range band but damage will
limited to class size).

I haven't run the numbers on the Shotgun Fire option yet and have not
any ship designs with this yet but hope to later tonight unless someone
beats me to it.


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