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Re: [GZG][FH] Planet types (was Re: Locations of Stars)

From: Tony Wilkinson <twilko@o...>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 23:58:33 +0000
Subject: Re: [GZG][FH] Planet types (was Re: Locations of Stars)

<big snip>
>We wind up with two sorts of unpleasant places: Places usable as
>way-stations/"coaling stops" with no resources, and unpleasant places
>resources of their own. Both potentially worth fighting over, but
>terribly nice places to live.
>Brian (
>-- --DS2/SG2/games

	So what sort of planets are we likely to fight over and how will
enviroment affect the game.

1) Planets without magnetic field.
	Treat as normal for night combat. Should light from nearby sun
fall on the
planet then draw chits for all units on the table as if in outer zone of
nuclear attack. All colours valid in full daylight drop one colour if
twilight/dawn or under native vegetation. (eg unit in open full light
hits on all chits, in the open at dawn takes damage only on red and
if dawn and under native forest takes red only, if also dug in is not
effected until full light when reds are valid). DFFGs gain 6" range per
range band. Troops have to do a confidence test to move out of cover.

2) Planets without atmosphere.
	VTOLS and GEVs cannot operate (dur), only PA infantry (or Enviro
suits as
in another post) can be used. Range of all weapons except DFFG and HELs
increased by 2" for each range band. HELs have unlimited range. Range of
ADS, LAD and ZAD are increased by half. Calculate infantry casulaties as
normal and then double the result. No CFE powered vehicles

3) Planets with thick atmosphere.
	VTOLS gain 5" base movement. Grav's lose 3" base movement due to
GEVs have normal movement as they both gain and lose. However GEV's can
preform pop-ups from hidden positions (only about the same as the height
the vehicle) if they make no other movement that turn or the previous
All weapons except HELs and DFFGs lose 2" range per range band. HELs
range reduced to 48". Range of ADS, LAD and ZAD is reduced by half.

4) Planets with low gravity. (I'm thinking moon here)
	VTOLS cannot operate as they are likely to reach escape velocity
great care. GEVs would have the same problem and should be limited to no
more than 8" per move (note this is 8" of actual movement without
modifiers). Gravs (assuming they have to act against a gravity field)
base movement reduced in the same propotion as gravity. ie 1/4 gravity
movement is 4". For other vehicles Mountains, rivers and Swamps are
as one terrian type better (ie Difficult becomes Poor). All artillery is
out. Except for DFFGs and HELs weapon ranges are the same but always
the target as one range band closer ie a HKP 4 still shoots only 48" but
counts the target as medium range. Range of ADS, LAD and ZAD are
by half.  

5) Planets with high gravity (say twice Earth).
	GEVs operate as normal if in thick atmosphere otherwise are
VTOLS cannot hover. Gravs lose and yet win by the old "equal and
rule, treat as normal. For other vehicles Swamps, rivers, hills and
mountains become one terrian type worse (ie Normal becomes Poor).
except DFFGs and HELs have the same range but treat targets as being one
extra range band away and draw 2 less chits in what would normally be
range. Artillery range is reduced to half. Range of ADS, LAD and ZAD is
reduced by half. For SGII perhaps reduce mission motivation by one level
everything the troops do tires them out so much more and all they care
about is sleep.

6) Ice worlds (like Europa and now Io).
	Any artillery or air strike using DFO has a 1 in 6 chance of
producing a
"spurter" or geshyer (my spelling is shocking but one of those things
spurts up hot water from undergound). If a "spurter" results then it
d8 turns and all units within a 3" radius must draw 3 chits each turn.
Valid chits are red for armoured vehicles, red and yellow for PA and
vehicles and all chits for normal infantry. Ice may shatter but it hurts
moving fast enough. Also all vehicles, unless Grav or GEV, test each
to see if they crash through, say 1 in 10 chance plus half size round
If within 6" of an air or artillery strike +2 chance of going under, -1
low gravity planet, +half size round down if high gravity. 

	These are just some ideas. You might think of others and there
might be
some where the effects are more approriate to a campaign game. 


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