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Re: FTFB Turn Arcs

From: "Chris Lowrey" <clowrey@p...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 22:21:58 -0600
Subject: Re: FTFB Turn Arcs

>> I don't know about the above, but can anyone tell me why the turn
>> the Fleet Book are different from the ones found in the Earthforce
>> Sourcebook for the Babylon Project.	It seems to me that the
>> placed on maneuvering in the EFSB are far more realistic, and add a
>> deal more to the game than the weak maneuver restrictions in the FB.
>What are the EFSB turn rates?	I was just thinking again today that we
>to do something about this "dreadnought spins on a dime" concept
>in force.
That's the same problem me and my friends have, and were really puzzled
since the movement system in the EFSB is so different from the FB.

The difference is that the maneuver thruster capability of a ship is
that of the main drive capability.  In essence, if a ship has a main
thrust of 6, it would only have a maneuver thrust ability of 3, so it's
ability to push to any direction, or turn in any direction, is limited
to 3
points.  For instance, if a thrust 6 ship were travelling in direction
the most it could pivot would be to turn to direction 3 or 9, instead of
being able to turn in any direction it wants to.  And if it did the
it couldn't push in any direction because it would have used all of its
maneuver thrust points.

This actually makes unmaneuverable ships pay some sort of price.  As it
stands now in the FB, there really is little disadvantage to having
maneuveralble ships, because all ships can turn on a dime, which we
think is

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