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Re: Railgun Goals II

From: John and Roxanne Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 10:33:12 -0800
Subject: Re: Railgun Goals II

     While I am being a wet blanket, I thought I would drip on the 
'armor penetration' division thing.

     If the logic behind dividing the damage between the armor
and the first damage box row is a 'feel good' thing then fine.
For all practical purposes the armor is mearly an extension 
of the first damage box row.   

     Unless it could be a consideration for the 'K'.   The RG
damage could be condidered AP and doing only 1 point to the armor
and the remainder as internal damage.

     Oh boy, I just opened another can of worms.   Oh well, I hear
they have a lot of food value, low fat and all that.

Bye for now,
John L.

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