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Re: [OT]: Happy Birthday to mark siefert

From: Thomas.Granvold@E... (Tom Granvold)
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:12:27 -0800
Subject: Re: [OT]: Happy Birthday to mark siefert

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Siefert: The Dweeb! The Legend! wrote:
>	It's officially November 25, 1998... I have just turned
>	I'd invite you all over for ice cream and cake this evening, but
> travel arrangements would be difficult to put together.

During yet another trip to Earth's past:

  "Status, Mr. Spock."

  "Sir, I've been monitering the primitive computer communications sytem
   called the internet.  There is a birthday celebration being given,
   no one is able to attend due to lack of transportation."

 "Who is the celebration for?"

 "For a Mark Siefert, Sit."

 "The Mark Siefert who invented the Dweeb tactic that saved us in the
  battle with the Romulan's in the Omega Pi Tau system!?"

 "I do believe that is who the celebration is for Captain."

 "Well Mr. Spock lets arrange for the transportation of all of Mr.
  guests."  Pushing a buttom on the arm of his chair, "Scotty, please
  to teleport all the people on the planet below to a celebration
  Mr. Spock will provide you with the details.	After your done please
  me, Mr. Spock, and Bones is transporter room 1.  We're going to a
  Captian out."

I hope that you have lots of ice cream and cake.  Enjoy your birthday

Tom Granvold				<>

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