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RE: [FT] Railguns

From: "Wasserman, Kurt" <wasku01@m...>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 15:54:36 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] Railguns

Some opinions on RailGuns etc...

Adler Tag was played with rerolls allowed.  In play, they did not turn
battle nor did they seem overwhelming.	The added chance of getting a
deep gouge into a ship is sweet but only happened once or twice.  I had
railgun reroll 3 times.  Los had one massive shot on his beam weapon
tore a ship in two.  Very Cool.  Other than that, the rerolls were not
earthshaking.  How can one logically justify the reroll on a beam weapon
not on a railgun.  A reroll represents particularly nasty and lucky
Seeing it in play in a massive battle did not convince me that it was a
idea. (Los, Correct me if I am wrong...)

RailGun Arcs:
I have a hard time justifying anything other than a Railgun-1 having
anything more than 1 firing arc.  As a Kra'Vak player, I would LOVE to
180 or 360 degree weapons but it doesn't make sense.  Having to maneuver
your ship tightly to get a shot is enough of a disadvantage.  If it
broke, don't fix it.

Beam Vs. Railgun debate/comparison
Comparing the two is an exercise in futility.  They can only be compared
far before you lose track of the argument.  What should be looked at is
RACIAL weapons and systems.  Take a look here.

KV			Hu'mans
------			---------------
Railguns		Beam Batteries
Fighters	(Hvy Only)	Fighters(All flavors available)
Scatter Guns		Point Defense systems
			Area Defense systems
			Capital Missiles
			Salvo Missiles

Because the missile capability of the Hu'mans is so extra-ordinary,
something be done to "balance" it?  Once again, as solely a Kra'Vak
I would LOVE to have Area Defense but I like more the fact that I DON'T.
makes me play differently than if we had equal technology.  If
everything is
equal, then the game devolves into ONLy rolling dice.  "My fleet has 13
of beams, Admiral Pinafore has 13 dice.  We roll.  He rolled better..." 
the words of the Monty Python troupe, "Where's the sport in THAT?"

In summation, <G> I think all these "issues" can be resolved by point
adjustment.  I don't think a fundamental reworking of weapons systems is
needed nor would it be best for the game...  We all remember games where
there were sweeping changes from version 1.0 to version 2.0, don't we?


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