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Re: [SG2] Traveller Armour Question

From: agoodall@i... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 08:31:12 GMT
Subject: Re: [SG2] Traveller Armour Question

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998 15:45:19 -0500, Adrian Johnson

>I just happen to have a copy of the "Central Supply Catalog" from Marc
>Miller's Traveller (the release of Traveller that came out after Game
>Designers' Workshop went belly-up).  This book has a whole section on
>"Augmented Battle Dress", which is specifically powered armour:

Okay. The only Traveller era stuff I have is classic Traveller, and some
Megatraveller stuff. I've mostly culled my info from Book 4
Snapshot, Azhanti High Lightning and Striker.

>Your scenario has a TL14 unit attacking a TL12 convoy.  TL12 is already
>past the point of Fusion powered battle dress, so there's no reason why
>both sides couldn't have power armour.  If you want to limit what the
>force has, give them "Combat Environment Suits" which give d8
>and allow 6" or d6x2 movement - the same as the gear the Neu Swabians
> In the GZG universe, that's about the best armour gets before it is
>powered or power assisted.  You could justify giving them armour
similar to
>what the New Israelis get - partially powered armour with d8
>but moving 8" or d8x2.  The TL14 troops would be in Battle Dress of
>kind (powered armour!) so use the regular stats:  d12 armour, move 12"

Well, that sounds pretty good and I'm going to think about that...

>My only real problem with your scenario is the desire to use
>PGMP-14's on each guy.  

The figures that I have came with a ready made order of battle for
(had it here a few days ago, think I can find it???). They were either
with PGMPs or FGMPs. The OOB gave EVERYONE in the squad the

Mind you I can make them anything I want. And the battledress looks
like power armour in most other games. It looks like some sort of soft
material with hard shell body armour, boots, and gloves, and big crash
on the head. 

Hmmm.... Now that I look more closely at them, they COULD be used for

>TL12 APC, so the TL12 troops would not even have a chance to dismount. 
>this were Stargrunt, it would be like having a PA platoon all armed
>SAWs and GMS-L's going up against regular infantry.

Another option I have is to have the TL12 guys ambush the TL14 guys.
Kind of a
local insurgency group against the best guys from the Imperium. Of
this makes the force mix even HARDER to figure out... :-)

>If you are going to use the Stargrunt rules, I'd stick to using
>the types of weapons they indicate, to keep the relative balances
>into the rules between forces.

That could be a good idea...

>How 'bout something like this:

Hmmm, you have some good ideas, there! I'm going to think about this.
suggestions look good!

>Anyway, just a thought.  The scenario sounds fun.  Let us know how it

Will do! I hope to have pictures from the scenario, too.

Allan Goodall
"You have to keep your sense of humour... and your thumbs."
- James S. Goodall, 1937 - 1998

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