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Re: [SG2] Traveller Armour Question

From: kwalsh@c...
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 08:09:08 +0000
Subject: Re: [SG2] Traveller Armour Question

I have all 4 Editions of Traveller, along with GURPS Traveller, and 
worked on the playtesting of stuff for CT and T4
let me see what I can do about answering some of these questions.
I will reference to various sources by the following Abbreviations
M= Mercenary
S1= CT version of Striker
S2= Striker 2

I dont play Star Grunt myself, just Dirtside 2 and Full Thrust.
but have been playing Traveller since 1978, living a mile from the
old GDW helped.

>Your scenario has a TL14 unit attacking a TL12 convoy.  TL12 is already
>past the point of Fusion powered battle dress, so there's no reason why
>both sides couldn't have power armour.  If you want to limit what the
>force has, give them "Combat Environment Suits" which give d8
>and allow 6" or d6x2 movement - the same as the gear the Neu Swabians
> In the GZG universe, that's about the best armour gets before it is
>powered or power assisted.  You could justify giving them armour
similar to
>what the New Israelis get - partially powered armour with d8
>but moving 8" or d8x2.  The TL14 troops would be in Battle Dress of
>kind (powered armour!) so use the regular stats:  d12 armour, move 12"

Combat armor is closer to Imperial Stormtrooper armor from Star Wars
but with better protection, and more sensors/commo gear.

The figures that I have came with a ready made order of battle for
(had it here a few days ago, think I can find it???). They were either
with PGMPs or FGMPs. The OOB gave EVERYONE in the squad the

Standard Armarment as per Striker 2 will depend on the type of unit 
"All personnel stands are equipped with TL-14 Heavy Battle dress and
Grav Belts. Infantry and single figure stands are armed with 
FGMP-14's and 2 FGMP-15's in the weapons squad, along with TL-15
Portable Tac Missles."
"Support Infantry Stands are armed with TL-15 Portable Tac Missles 
and an integral TL-15 FGMP-15'

Support Stands such as Combat Engineers, Intel specialists. etc..
will generally be in Combat Armor, and armed with Gauss Rifles.

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