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Re: Infantry Walkers!

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 23:59:45 -0500
Subject: Re: Infantry Walkers!

Brian spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> > (in SG2, if it was size 7, I think you shouldn't really have that 
> > much trouble hitting it..... but armour 6 or 7 would be brutal to 
> > penetrate....).   
> >
> DS2, actually. In DS2, Armour 6-7+ isn't that hard to penetrate - get
> MDCs in close, or big DFFGs in even closer. In SG2, it'd be a bitch...

Read DS2, never played yet. Get the impression the balance is 
different than SG2.... so necessitates different thinking for same 
systems.  Am using some of differences in DS2 ranges and chits to 
justify choosing one weapon over another while SG2 makes them near 
the same. 

> > Vehicle armour (Armour 1) is only equal to D12x1, so I 
> > can't very well do that. I'd give them D12 armour. But they'd get 
> > some good ECM. And maybe smoke generators or decoys (I forget if 
> > these take space). I might give them D6x2 Armour. That would be 
> > better than PA slightly. 
> >
> Oops. My math error...Good ECM is good. Smoke dischargers are free,
> the one SAW/APSW, and I think Decoys take up no space - I just skimmed
> rules, and can't find any mention of them taking up space.

That would be good. 
> Makes sense - and I mucked up the armour levels, you're right. dunno
> the 10" range band, however - heavy wpns use the 12" band to target
> infantry as well, and Light Walkers would be bigger than infantry...

Yeah. I guess a size 12" range bands for support weapons stays. I 
guess the smaller 0.5 size get
- ECM (good)  for self protection
- Decoys, smoke dischargers 
- D12 or D6x2 armour probably
- 2 or 3 spaces of gear
- easier use of smaller stuff to get cover bonuses. Plus I'd probably 
let them go IP. 

I'm going to write this up sometime soon. 

As an aside, since you do both DS and SG.... question for you:
1. APFCs in DS2 are treated as CDM roughly in SG2. 
2. How do you do stealth? I've been experimenting with it - I have 
tried the following: stealth = ECM shifts (open shift). Versus direct 
fire, I'm wafling on using stealth. In DS2, it seems to impact 
signature and therefore does (IIRC) affect DF weapons. Maybe this is 
chameleon effect stuff that makes vehicles harder to target. What do 
you think?

> > Well, if you are trading in 1 IW for 3 PA or some such rate, losing
> > or 4 IW gives you a couple fo decent squads of PA which can pack 
> > quite a punch and move fast. And they are harder to swat (their FP
> > distributed over the unit). If they have GMS, Plasma Guns, IAVRs,
> > maybe some Ortillery (support for the drop), then they should be 
> > fine. Ortillery is really the PA answer to dangerous foes. 
> all my PA/IW use has been in dirtside to date. Can't recall how much
> PA & IWs take up - it's been ages since I opened MT. MT Ortillery is
> definetly the answer - nasty particle beam fire...failing that, GMS/H
> are still the only solution. In SG,you've got a few more anti-armour
> solutions for infantry...

Have you got the GMS/P rules someone wrote for DS2? They should be in 
the list archive. With those, and IAVRs, you've got some anti-armour 
capability. Back that up with ortillery (which you don't want close 
to you in case it misses) and you are laughing.    

> > I'd suggest more than a slit trench. You are in TO area, so their 
> > must be some nearby National Defence Air Raid Shelters or a deep 
> > mineshaft or some underground garage. Remember, one of these Aussies

> > was the one who bogged off with the Good Lord's Smite button.... 
> > 
> Actually, I'm on the Far West Coast, Victoria, BC to be exact.
> some deep shelters around here, with the naval base...forgot about the
> Smite button...I'm for it now...

Sorry, got confused. Thought of Mr. Goodall for a moment.... (brain 
clunks into correct gear now...). Comox ought to have some bunker to 
run and hide in, and I'm sure MAREUPAC has someplace to stick your 
head that you'd be safe. Grab some tanks and jump in the ocean. Their 
orbital sensors will have a hard time picking you out, even though 
Aussie Deathsats have a fierce reputation.... (I think the Thor 
Javelin was actually a copy of a real Aussie weapon....). 

> (OTOH, if I'd told them I'm in Toronto, maybe they'd get rid of the
> for us?)

WOOOOPEEEE. But only after we got Ken, Adrian, Allan and the few 
other worthwhile folk (well, I guess there are a lot of them) to flee 
from that Urban Nightmare. (Turn the Big Smoke into the Big 

> (Loathing Toronto being Canada's second national sport...not
> just the city...)
> (this is getting silly..correction, sillier)

But bits of the message are OT. 

> > Tom with Tongue Planted So Far In Cheek It's Breaking Through
> don't hurt yourself...

That would be if I had tongue planted in someone else's.....stop 
it.... no don't go there.... <CLICK><NO CARRIER> 

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