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[SG] Ambushing was RE: [SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:04:04 +1000
Subject: [SG] Ambushing was RE: [SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

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Subject: [SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

>The scenario will be based on the Traveller universe, and I will
>Striker to SG2 conversions soon thereafter. Anyway, the scenario is an
>scenario. A TL14 Merc unit is attacking a convoy of TL12 soldiers in
>APCs (unmodified Roco Marder 1A3s). For the non-Traveller players
>TL stands for Tech Level, so one side will be further ahead tech wise

Well, a question here first; what is the purpose of the ambush. If the
objective is to DESTROY the convoy then the force ambushing should not
necessarily be smaller. The ADF definition of an ambush is simply:
 "An ambush is a surprise attack by a force lying in wait. It is usually
brief encounter and does not require the capture or holding of ground"

The aims of ambushing are as follows:

a.To Kill the Enemy. Well laid ambushes are an effective way in which to
kill the enemy. They offer the opportunity to inflict high casualties on
enemy with minimum resources.

b.To Disrupt Enemy Movement. Ambushes may be used in front of and behind
forward edge of the battle area. A series of successful ambushes will
disrupt the enemy's freedom of movement.

c.To Gain Information. Ambushes can be laid as a means of obtaining
information about the enemy or to capture a prisoner.

d.To Provide Security. Continued success in ambushing will restrict
movement and will reduce his ability to obtain information.

If you are using a small specialist force then it might be more
to employ a 'mechanical ambush' this is one where the main firepower
the killing ground will be Command Detonated Mines (CMD) and/or the
Launched GMS both of which are included in the SG rules. The small
forces of
infantry will be there to do the actual initiation and whatever follow
you have. If the mission is DESTROY then they might clean up any
infantry. If they are after information then perhaps a team need to
search a
command vehicle to recover something.

>Okay, here's the initial layout. I will be fielding probably 6 squads
>TL12 guys, with one command squad. I can run with six or seven APCS. I
>The TL14 guys are the ones I haven't decided upon. They will have
>PGMP-14s, which are REAL BIG guns. Think plasma support guns, but for
>guy. Probably D12 armour. Each of them can do big damage to the APCS.

The problem I see with only four squads is that you can only engage four
the enemy vehicles simultaneously. The purpose of hiting a vehicle
patrol of
6 or 7 APCs is to hit them all simultaneously. Inflict overwhelming
to the enemy force before they can react and take actin to regain the

I would suggest that you have squad for squad or at least enough squads
Detachments to be able to hit every vehicle in one go. Don't forget the
of some Anti-Pers mines to deal with dismounting infantry too.

If you wish to be accurate you should be allocating some squads to flank
rear security as well!

If you are ambushing vehicles then you damn well better have vehicles of
your own to RV with for a quick get away or else have some sort of good
withdrawal route; say through swamp or jungle that vehicles will be
to follow up. Remember all mission orders have an "Actions On" phase.

In the end I wouldn't get too concerned about the tech level difference.
the ambush is well planned and initiated correctly the PGMPs should only
need to get one shot off.

Er, may I ask what size table you are playing on as 7 vehicles spread
out at
a minimum of 50m (5 inches on table) means that the convoy will take up
minimum of 30 inches!! Your 4 squads are going to be VERY spread out and
last vehicle will have barely gotten on-table before teh ambush goes

Looking forward to seeing the pickies anyway.

Good luck,


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