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Re: [SG] Ambushing was RE: [SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 19:34:47 -0500
Subject: Re: [SG] Ambushing was RE: [SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

Glover, spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

Good feedback Owen. I've added a couple of comments of my own. 

> The problem I see with only four squads is that you can only engage
four of
> the enemy vehicles simultaneously. The purpose of hiting a vehicle
patrol of
> 6 or 7 APCs is to hit them all simultaneously. Inflict overwhelming
> to the enemy force before they can react and take actin to regain the
> initiative.

With Plasma Guns (what Brian was thinking of) and PA for each of 
the ambushers, I don't think this is a problem. He would just split 
the 4 man squads into two man fire elements, and engage each APC with 
2 Plasma Guns. Not good for the APCs. That would let him hit 8 
vehicles at once. Some would be further away than others, but ideally 
(from a gaming perspective) the defender would like to have one or 
two vehicles survive (else if everything is dead, no fun to be had). 
Maybe this is a hasty ambush so they only had the forces available 
and no time to mine? Maybe it is a blocking/screening force?

> I would suggest that you have squad for squad or at least enough
squads and
> Detachments to be able to hit every vehicle in one go. Don't forget
the use
> of some Anti-Pers mines to deal with dismounting infantry too.

See above comment. You already out armour, out firepower, and out 
tech (which should show up in system quality) the defender plus you 
have surprise. I think the defender will be in a world of hurt. What 
you are suggesting is good tactics to wipe out your enemy. Not much 
fun for a game... (sigh). Sometimes the best RL battle would make 
crappy wargaming (ie who would have wanted to be an Iraqi during the 
Coalition assault.... talk about a one sided walkover). 

> If you wish to be accurate you should be allocating some squads to
flank and
> rear security as well!

True, or assume your sensors on the BD (and they have quite a sensor 
suite) can give you warning in time to react. 
> If you are ambushing vehicles then you damn well better have vehicles
> your own to RV with for a quick get away or else have some sort of
> withdrawal route; say through swamp or jungle that vehicles will be
> to follow up. Remember all mission orders have an "Actions On" phase.

BD typically has integral grav belts. At the least, it is fast PA. At 
the best, it can fly at up to about 160 kph. 
> In the end I wouldn't get too concerned about the tech level
difference. If
> the ambush is well planned and initiated correctly the PGMPs should
> need to get one shot off.

The worry was, I believe, the other way.... with 16 PGMPs firing on 
the APCs... there might not be any survivors to conduct a battle....
> Er, may I ask what size table you are playing on as 7 vehicles spread
out at
> a minimum of 50m (5 inches on table) means that the convoy will take
up a
> minimum of 30 inches!! Your 4 squads are going to be VERY spread out
and the
> last vehicle will have barely gotten on-table before teh ambush goes

Well, that assumes your spacing is 50m. That may be your standard, 
but I've seen a few convoys in hostile areas (or potentially so) 
closer than that - say 15 to 20m. Not a good plan.... but it has been 
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