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[SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

From: agoodall@i... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 18:16:12 GMT
Subject: [SG2] Need Help with Scenario OOB!

Hi, Guys.

I'm playing a game of SG2 in two weeks using my old 15mm Traveller
figures (I
will have FINALLY finished painting all 140 figures!). 

The scenario will be based on the Traveller universe, and I will publish
Striker to SG2 conversions soon thereafter. Anyway, the scenario is an
scenario. A TL14 Merc unit is attacking a convoy of TL12 soldiers in
APCs (unmodified Roco Marder 1A3s). For the non-Traveller players
amongst you,
TL stands for Tech Level, so one side will be further ahead tech wise
than the

Okay, here's the initial layout. I will be fielding probably 6 squads of
TL12 guys, with one command squad. I can run with six or seven APCS. I
thinking 6, three armed with squad support weapons, and three with
support. The convoy will be following a dirt road through a forest. They
be in pretty good armour (D10, probably) and -- of course -- have the

The TL14 guys are the ones I haven't decided upon. They will have
PGMP-14s, which are REAL BIG guns. Think plasma support guns, but for
guy. Probably D12 armour. Each of them can do big damage to the APCS.

Now the question: how many TL14 squads should there be? They have the
of surprise and weapons that can do nasty damage to the APCs. However,
should be outnumbered. I was thinking 4 squads of 4, with a command
squad of
about 2. Just a small strike squad. 

The APCs can be modified easily, with thicker or thinner armour as
needed. I
was thinking 2 front, 1 side, but might up that to 3/2.

Your thoughts will be appreciated. I'll post the conversions and the
to my web site, and probably include some pictures, too.

Allan Goodall
"You have to keep your sense of humour... and your thumbs."
- James S. Goodall, 1937 - 1998

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