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Re: GMS Fire control

From: "Andrew & Alex" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 13:05:56 +1300
Subject: Re: GMS Fire control

Thomas Barclay <> wrote:
>How many of you think GMS firecontrol is

>1) a product of the round (ie, the same launcher can fire GMS
>enhanced and GMS superior since the intelligence is in the round -
>goes with fire and forget I'd guess) therefore the launcher can be
    I think that this is true of fire & forget GMS. This would also be
of the US Army's Javelin missile.

>2) believe it is a product of the sights and sensors on the launcher,
>so an enhanced launcher can't fire superior rounds (what is more, it
>probably requires a specific enhanced rounds to work with its
    Only if the missile was guided by the operator, like TOW. New TOW
can fire old TOW missiles - but old TOW sights can't fire new TOW

>1 seems to leave open the idea of having one GMS system (GMS/L for
>example) that can have varying missile qualities and varies the
>firecontrol used against various targets (ie it can fire ground,
>anti-air, and multi role rounds from the same launcher).
    In my rules, I allow GMS to be designated as either normal or
(one shot only as an interupt) or multi-role (but only if appropriate to
genre) at the start of the game. An anti-air missile would be more
likely to
be an area effect burst, rather than an direct impact.

>2 seems to be more like todays missiles where the launcher has a lot
>of the detection gear.
    In the polypheme missile the missile
guided through an imaging sensor in the nose of the missile feeding an
through 40KM of fiber optic cable back to the operator's console in the
launch vehicle. Up to 6 of these missile could be fitted onto what looks
like a humvee. Just for your information.

>I don't know which is suggested or required by the GZG universe.
    Option 1, I think.

Andrew Martin
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