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Re: Infantry Walkers!

From: "Colin Nash" <cmnash@d...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 23:36:06 -0000
Subject: Re: Infantry Walkers!

Kenneth Winland wrote:
> What do people think about infantry walkers?
> I love 'em.  They have that "sci-fi" feel to them, they can be
>moderately well armed, and they have a good deal of mobility.	True,
>don't have much in the way of armour, but they are cheaper than a tank
>(well, in theory).  Nice close infantry support...

I agree with you on this one

> We use the plethora of Heavy Gear figs to represent infantry
>walkers, with different ranges asigned to different
>nationalities/polities.  The larger Mammoths and Nagas also make for
>size 3-5 combat walkers.

I use GW Epic scale dreadnoughts with the pipes & flags cut off

> However, not everyone in our group shares my enthusiasm.  A few of
>us really do not think that they are worth it, due to their low armour
>rating.  They would prefer powered armour or APCs.  A number of
>walkers DO get slagged in our games, primarily due to the number of
>and GMS/Ps out there.	All of our games are rough on vehicles.
> What do other people think?  Do you find them worthwhile?

Using Grav & GEV vehicles exclusively, I find the walkers useful for
into woods & holding them until the grunts catch up

>I know Owen Glover posted a scenario some time back, with a number
>of size 1 and 2 infantry walkers ambushing a column of infantry and
>vehicles.  I would LOVE to try that.

I'd like to see this too.  Any chance of a re-post?

> I am just starting to paint up a bunch of walkers for DSII, so I
>have yet to find out their value in that scale.  I think that they have
> theory.
> Laterish!
> Ken
Although a relative DSII novice, I agree with Ken in that there is a
something about walkers.  My regular opponent seems to agree, as he
seems to blow them away first!
But that's probably me sending them racing off into harm's away seizing
woods ...

BTW I was thinking of using them in pairs, each with two LADs on,
to an infantry company as a kind of SPAA.  Would two LADs violate the
weapons to vehicle size rule?


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