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Re: [FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

From: "Jared E Noble" <JNOBLE2@m...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 11:06:53 -1000
Subject: Re: [FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

Well, that's one way of looking at it - but I don't they should get
anything for 'Free'.  my take on it would be that they should have
hull integrity, and pay for it like everyone else.  If you want a strong
hull integrity for the KV to only take 30% mass, fine - figure a new
progression of hull strengths vs % (maybe 8% per level instead of 10%?),
and then charge more per Mass of hull.

Quick example for hull, based on a Mass 100 vessel.
Human - Strong Hull - 40% (so Mass 40) at 2 pts per Mass - cost 80 for
Kra'Vak - Strong Hull - 32% (so Mass 32) at 4 pts per hull - cost 132
the hull.  They both have the same protection, but the Kra'vak has an
8 Mass for systems.  This means that if Kra'vak weapons average out to
same cost as human weapons (3 pts per Mass) Kra'vak will be more
at the same size - but that's OK, as they will pack a larger punch to
compensate.  Perhaps this could be offset by also increasing the size of
their engines to account for the greater maneuverability, if this
is to remain.

Whatever you do, DO NOT give them the exact same system everyone else
and charge less for it.  If it is to be different, make it different!
(hopefully avoiding a recreation of the MT Kra'Vak imbalance)


"Colin Nash" <> on 11/19/98 08:49:51 AM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Jared E Noble/AAI/ARCO)
Subject:  Re: [FTFB] Fleet Book Kra'Vak

    Kr'rt wrote:-

    Perhaps bumping the KV hull ratings up from average to strong.  I
    remember the exact wording but the feel of the KV section in MT was
    they had pretty sturdy ships.

    > --SNIP--
    > From: John M. Atkinson[]
    > If I use the high speeds of
    > More Thrust, and average hulls, then I can't stick enough armor on
    > 'feel' right to me.  Any suggestions?  Should I use weaker hulls
    > more armor?  Adjust the weapons load-out?  Slow down the cruisers?
    > my wrists?

    The exact quote is "their ship hulls are built with a much higher
degree of structural armour & integrity that human designs.." [MT Pg25]
    It sounds to me that Kra'Vak ships should automatically have Strong
hulls for the capacity of average according to the design rules

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