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FT: Sa'Vasku for the FB -- LONG

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 16:02:31 -0500
Subject: FT: Sa'Vasku for the FB -- LONG

Here are a few ideas for the Sa'Vasku...

Ships:	Use MT rules, but with the following exceptions.  Cost, 4 points
per mass.  Drone capability, 25% of a bioship's power factors can be
replaced with drone storage.  This is the physical space need to store 6
drones, cargo, etc.  Bio-ships without this ability can not generate
drones.  The PF's replaced by drone storage don't count for capacitors,
but do count for FTL jumps, movement, etc.

In campaign games, bioships regenerate damage at a rate of one box per
current power factors per strategic turn.  Bioships never need supply. 
Bio ships are "grown."	Bioship grow at a rate of 10 mass per strategic
turn.  Note that fully grown bioships can grow larger, but they must
spend one strategic turn doing nothing but cocooning themselves.  The
cocoon costs zero points.  Then the bioship can grow 10 mass per
strategic turn.  They can emerge from the cocoon at any time, but don't
grow that turn.  Bioships with drone storage can carry cargo.  In
Stellar Conquest, I suggest 1 population unit or 20 industrial points
per drone storage point.  

Drone Pods:  The only changes from MT are, they cost 4 points of power
each, special drones can be constructed during a battle, they cost as
many extra power points as those option cost regular points.  All drones
at start are standard.	Drones Pods are notorious for kamikaze attacks;
they can ram enemy ships at any time and do 1d6 damage each, being
destroyed in the process.  Heavy drone pods do 1d6+1 damage each.  

BioSpaceStations:  They are built just like bioships, but have only
positional thrusters.  They can rotate, but not move.  The cost of
increasing or decreasing rotation by 60 degrees equals the cost of 1
point of thrust for a bioship with the same mass.  BioSpaceStations can
have upto 50% of thier power factors in drone storage.	They also have 1
point of armor for every 10 mass.  BioSpaceStations can have more then
module, one core module and several smaller modules.  The total mass of
all smaller modules can not be greater then the mass of the core
module.  Each module is treated as an individual unit, but they can
share power.  They can double the ammount of power some module have by
transfering it from others.  Note that this can double the regeneration
rate for biospacestations.   


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