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I Bow to the Knowledgable

From: "Colfox" <monty88@f...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 00:25:39 -0600
Subject: I Bow to the Knowledgable

My uninformed self wrote:

> > >Did they even have [5 inch rockets] then?

Mike wrote:

> >Fighter Bombers, Typhoons and Thunderbolts, in particular, were, if
> >the number 1 cause of tank kills on the western front, a leading
> >of tank kills.And yes, they had 5" rockets.

and John said the same:

> >Wrong, and yes.  5 inch rockets were fairly standard as armament of
> >USAAF P-47s and other fighter bombers, and more than a few RAF
> >fighter-bombers.  They were used in great quantity, and racked up a
> >of tank kills.

Therefore I bow to those who know more military history trivia than I. 
stand corrected.  Being a ground-pounder, I tend not to think of the

However, the above replies reinforced the whole point of my original
(arguing about non-relevant minor points, and totally losing the GZG

Thankfully, Tom noticed:
> Aieeeeeee!  So what?	Who cares?  If you are going to be discussing 
> WWII, take it off the list!  The Gulf War nonsense was bad enough, but

> come on now!	The relevence of this thread to Dirtside is becoming
> and more tenuous.  Trust me, the relationship of a Maus to an Ogre is 
> distant one at best.	If you can reference a WWII tank that carried 
> several meters of BPC, and fired nukes, then maybe we can call this 
> on-topic.  Until then, give it a rest.

Thank you, Tom.  

Any replies or rebuttals, please make them off-list.  I will be happy to

Yours truly,


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