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Re: Assault Breaker system [SG2] [DS2]

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:55:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Assault Breaker system [SG2] [DS2]

Adrian spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> Cluster Munitions - covering area with bomblets, in the 2xd12 damage

> Guided single rounds - artillery shell is lobbed into the area where
> may be found.  AI in shell scans using radar and thermal imaging,
> target, and shell is guided in, with terminal rocket assist for extra
> penetration.	A present day 105mm or 155mm artillery shell, or 120mm
> nuke a tank if it lands on the top deck - though this is extremely
> because of accuracy issues.  If you have guided munitions with
> and rocket assist in addition to the explosive warhead, the tank is
toast -
> accurately.  And you can justify using 3 or 4xd12 damage.  Guided
> rounds exist now, and I think guided artillery rounds exist too.

Yes. I think you'll find that they develop ones that they fire 
'roughly' into their target area, and let the onboard pattern 
recognition stuff identify the AFV to destroy (probably IFF stuff 
> In game terms, guided artillery could be treated like a direct fire
> say from a missile.  He gets jamming/ECM if he has them, you get a
> system roll.	Limit it by saying you need to spot from an observer or
> something.

I'd do that at certain tech levels. As they got better, their onboard 
stuff might make them closer to a fast approach slightly more 
ballistic missile. They could pick their target and nuke it without 
an observer - but god help you if your IFF was off....

  Maybe have the system be affected by EW, so if the target side
> has an EW trooper, they can jam the guidance system???   How about
> laser designated artillery - you have a model on your side with a
> designator (like the New Anglian trooper kneeling with one), and if
you can
> designate the tank (successfully "hit" it getting "a lock") you then
> fire artillery shells that are guided the same way air dropped laser
> bombs are.

Makes good sense. 

> I read about the "tungsten rods dropped from orbit" idea sometime in
> past as well.  It was supposed to be for taking out battalions or
> at a time though, and the rods were not guided at each vehicle, only
to an
> area on the battlefield.  There would be enough kinetic energy being
> converted to heat that tanks would melt, troops would vapourize, etc
> Would require a BIG lifting rocket, though, to get the thing into
> If I remember correctly, the rods were 6 feet long (?) and had a basic
> guidance system with fins on the back end.  I think this idea would be
> applicable to DS than SG - on the SG scale it would destroy the entire

In RL, they were actually guided. And they did target individual 
tanks - you dropped one rod and it self guided. It could penetrate 
ANY roof armour.  

But dropping a whole satellite load on a region would be obsence... 
and probably very deadly to the people living there..... especially 
if they had some sort of an explosive tip... or used a nuke.... 

But yes, that would be overload. Single rods called onto an SG board 
would be powerful (multi turn delay) but not impossible. An area 
bombardment would be pointless..... 
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