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[FT] Evasion

From: John Crimmins <johncrim@v...>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 19:49:38 -0500
Subject: [FT] Evasion

Wha follows are Just Some Thoughts, entirely off the top of my head. 
have not been play-tested, and I wanted to get some input before I
my gaming group to them.


A ship that is Evading is attempting to use its maneuverability to
the accuracy of incoming fire.	An evading ship is assumed to be
dodging and zigzagging back and forth along its flight path, making it
difficult as possible for an enemy to get a clear shot at him.	This is
not, of course, without consequences to the evading ship's own weapon
high-speed maneuvering tends to confuse one's own targeting computers,
well as the enemy's.  This is not, of course, a particularly realistic
of movement, but there is a great deal of fictional precedent--the
Millennium Falcon and the White Stars are two obvious examples.  Even
evasion seems appropriate only to ships that make use of the Cinematic
movement rules.

     Any ship that is going to be evading  must indicate this, by
an "E" in its order box for the turn.

     For every three full points of thrust that it spends, a ship may
reduce all beam and torpedo fire directed at it by one point per die. 
is cumulative with the effect of the ship's existing shields, if any. 
has no effect on SLMs, MT missiles, or Submunitions Packs--a near miss
a missile can be nearly as deadly as a direct hit.

     All beam and torpedo fire from an evading ship suffers the same
penalty--Minus one for each three full points of thrust that are spent
evasion--that the attackers do.

     If it has sufficient thrust points, a ship may combine evasion with
regular movement.

     A ship that carries fighters may not launch them on any turn that
is evading.


Any thoughts?  Workable, unworkable?  Should I make it four thrust
or even five, rather than three thrust points per -1?  Should a ship
to be moving at a minimum speed in order to evade?  What do you guys

John X Crimmins
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