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Re: FT: Stellar Conquest Campaign

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 21:06:02 -0500
Subject: Re: FT: Stellar Conquest Campaign

Tron wrote:
> >I'm going to use a heavily modified Stellar Conquest tech tree.
> >Starting economics will discourage players from building the best
> >possible.  They simply will not have the points to do so.
> In my first game,I broke the available technology into tech
generations; 1st
> Generation, 2nd Generation etc. I think it went up to 5th. Once you'd
> 1st Generation Technology, you could develop anything listed under
> Generation heading.  It worked very well to break a players fleet up
> different tech levels as the game progressed.
I've thought about it, I'm going do something with weapons, but I
haven't made up my mind yet.  Technologis I am going to keep track of
include Ship Communication Range, FTL Ship Speed, and Industrial
Technology.  These strike me as being very important.  There is going to
be one new system for the FB, Sub Space Communications Beacon, mass 20,
points 60.  This can be installed in any ship or base, and is for all
purposes the Command Post from Stellar Conquest.  

> >They will have to be built for each "city" on a planet and will act
> >level 3 shields against orbital bombardment, but the first hit that
> >through in a volley damages the shield, dropping it to level 2, etc.
> >
> To make each world a different attack/defence problem, I thought using
> isocohedron (D20) for a base world map would make all of the
> Spread the population out over the  20 sides (sectors) and you have
> targets for an enemy to attack.  You will also have a rough map you
> 'zoom' in on work out where battles are fought.
> If Earth is 75% water, this could equate to 15/20 sectors as sea, and
> sectors as land.  Thus a TR planet would 25% land.  If you further
> the triangles of each face in smaller areas (zones) you have an easy
way of
> distributing that land  over the 20 sectors.	If you make up a pack of
> with a random distribution of land/sea zones, you can deal them out
> shuffling to create a varied terrain pallette to fight over - you
> cross reference where the zone is (Polar, equatorial, etc) and come up
> probable or  realistic terrain for the Dirtside bods to fight over. 
> also have a nice grid reference for all of your.

An intersting idea, but I don't know if I will use it.	I'd rather spend
the time making the game board for DSII.  


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