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Re: [DS] Tank designs was Re: [ds] Ogres

From: Barry Cadwgan <bcadwgan@f...>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 06:54:00 +1100
Subject: Re: [DS] Tank designs was Re: [ds] Ogres

Kenneth Winland wrote:
>	  Greetings!
> On Sat, 14 Nov 1998, Mike Looney IONet wrote:
> > Military Folklore.	There is no evidence that either of them saw
> > and only one was in a state that it could have seen combat.
>	  Two Maus tanks were completed by war's end, and three others
> under construction.  Two Maus' did defend Boeblingen, according to the
> Bundesarchiv, Sawondy and Bracher, and some Soviet acounts.
>	  One Maus was complete, the other had its turrt and "some"
> weaponry.  Both did not have much of a chance to put up a serious
> > But of course you CAN by a 5 pack of Maus in micro armor scale (GHQ)
>	  GHQ makes the Maus?  Geez, that's a waste, albeit cool for
> "what-if" scenarios... :)

Heh.  It's a two pack.. and I've got one!

One of these days we want to run the Russian player up against it as a
special surprise package.

Barry Cadwgan ( BCADWGAN@FL.NET.AU )
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 The end is the sum of the means,
 as the road travelled determines the destination." 
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