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Re: [ds] Ogres

From: "Andrew & Alex" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 15:08:21 +1300
Subject: Re: [ds] Ogres

Thomas Anderson wrote:
>if you're going to allow oversize guns -
>explicitly not allowed in ds2, although i think they should be :-)
>- and gun size larger than vehicle size (is this allowed? my memory is
>bit hazy here) then, yes, the size 6 mbt could have a size 10 gun or
    In the standard DSII rules, you're allowed a main gun that's one
larger than vehicle size class. Main guns have a maximum size of 5.
    I, too, think that a size 6 and perhaps a size 7 main gun should be
allowed. These should be part of my house rules. I wouldn't allow a size
10 main gun, unless Ogres are being used! And then only for the Ogres.

>why not just make it size 4 and say that there are no size 5 or 6
    US Marines "AmTrac" AAV7 is definitely size 5 due to the amount of
infantry it can carry - 25 soldiers is about equal to 6 DSII infantry
which means a 24 capacity points are required - size 5 vehicle.

>i suppose you lose some resolution that way, but it seems a bit
>odd. i suppose a warrior or bradley has to be size 3: 2 inf teams,
>in turret, two gms/l or one gms/h for bradley, 2 inf teams, rfac/2 in
>turret and gms/l (latest models only) for warrior. by this logic, m1a1
>challenger have to be at least size 4. they could have a turreted size
>gun and some bonus armour, say.
    In my design for the British Warrior IFV, it has a RFAC/2 and space
two standard DSII infantry teams. There are light tanks and older tanks
are more suited for size 4. For example, M60s and perhaps T72s.

>right. i think that size 4 is a happy medium for modern mbts in ds2,
>especially given the fact that you can't build a reasonable ifv in size
    I would go for size 5 myself.
    An ideal IFV, according to the Israelis, is a Merkava with the
removed. Their practical ones are obsolete tanks with turrets removed
the hole filled in and doors fitted in the back around the engine. In
these would be size 5 vehicle with 5R armour and plenty of MGs. Perhaps
GMS fitted on top.

Andrew Martin
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