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RE: SGII Newbie Question

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:45:40 +1000
Subject: RE: SGII Newbie Question

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From: Chris Lowrey []
Subject: SGII Newbie Question

>I've just started playing Stargrunt II, and I have a question I am
>someone can answer.  How is a sniper activated?  Is it usually
>a detached part of a squad, requiring one of the actions of its squad
>leader's activation to fire, or is it treated as an individual unit? 
>help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are playing your sniper as a Specialist Sniper then (as with the
in the SG rules book) he is "attached for administration purposes" to
squad and once detached becomes a fully independant figure. Mind you
day snipers will not be operating close to large groups of friendlies

If you are playing a squad with a trooper who just happens to be armed
a sniper rifle as his specialist weapon then he would be utilised as a
normal trooper would; he isn't a specially trained sniper and shouldn't
all the advantages of the Specialist Sniper.

In the games we've played snipers dominate the game too much and we will
only use them in specific scenarios.

Owen G

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