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[URL] DS2/SG2 site updated

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 10:56:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [URL] DS2/SG2 site updated

Thought I'd put out a short announcement on the changes/new
stuff for my website.

-- --

Lots of new links in the Games page - most of the other pages announced
recently on this list, some other pages I've found, Jim Foster's
amusing review of this list, and reorganized navigation bars to make it
easier to navigate (hopefully).

Added a Figures section, which presently contains a review and
ideas for GZG's 15mm NAC figs. Expect more here, plus some photos soon.

Added Scenery section - short ideas and tips for wargames scenery. Easy

Updated House Rules section to the rules our local group actually uses
play of DS and SG. Try these, you'll like them - or submit your own and
I'll start a section of other people's house rules.

And of course the Stargrunt II Bunker & Building Rules, Mk. II, by
& Thomas Barclay.

PLANNED AND UPCOMING: Photos - a Gallery of larger photos and smaller
in the main pages. Also more figure reviews, of DS2 as well as other SG2
15mm figs. Probably ideas/instructions on converting models/toys
into science fiction models for Stargrunt II. Just possibly my vehicle
designs, and other peoples.

(Announcing my plans like this gives me incentive to actually _take_
photos and get them scanned, and the commits me...)

I'm always willing to put stuff up for people who want their gaming
available but don't have a webpage. Contact me.

Do check out the pages - comments, input and (polite) criticism

Brian (
-- --DS2/SG2/gaming

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